Dog Policy

Dear Customers

Heather Farm Café is a very dog-friendly Café. We ask all dog owners to please observe the following rules:

  1. Dogs are welcome in the café. However, we ask dog owners to use the outside seating whenever possible as this is safer and more comfortable for everyone, especially when the café is busy.
  2. Dogs must be kept on a lead whether inside or outside the café.
  3. Please do not allow dogs to lie in the aisles, as staff and customers need to be able to move around the café freely and will often be carrying hot food and drinks.
  4. Please respect the fact that not all customers are dog lovers.
  5. If your dog is having a noisy day, i.e. barking a lot, please take him or her outside so as not to disturb other users of the café.
  6. For hygiene reasons, please keep doggy paws and faces away from table tops.

Thank you

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